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When Ray Cass, a successful advertising executive and lapsed Catholic, begs God to save his dying daughter’s life, his prayer is so persuasive, God answers it under one condition: Ray must promote the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

A taut, twisted thrill ride takes Ray from his high-octane world of crafting slick messages selling glamorous products to creating a communications package for the most important marketing campaign in history. A timeless, yet contemporary Jesus inspires Ray to rekindle his moribund faith. Marked for death by the anti-Christ, Ray risks his life to complete his mission and fulfill his promise

“Clever moments, good pacing, good characterization. The reader will enjoy
the deft, humorous characterization of Jesus’ human side, with many fresh examples. Well done.” Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

“Written in a witty, smartass first person, this is a novel with some depth. . .
The author does a great job of keeping the reader interested. . . Ray Cass
draws you in and makes you ask yourself what you would do in a similar
situation. The character of Jesus is handled rather beautifully. . . the concept
of COME AGAIN is unique. . . it’s a fun read and worth the time.”
Deleva Stanley for IndieReader


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Rick Novak began his career in a rock band on Capitol Records. He has held a variety of creative and senior management positions with advertising and promotion agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He spent ten years as National Promotion Manager for Playboy and currently serves as a marketing consultant. Rick, who resides in Chicago, has two children who also live in Chicago and one who lives in Los Angeles.

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